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5 last, last minute gifts- speedy reads

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts,

For all you panic buyer’s out there who will be desperately searching for the perfect Christmas Gift the in the dwindling last days before Christmas fear not, see our top 5 last, last minute gifts  in our latest 1 minute speedy read!

1. Scent Addict Subscription (or alternative subscription box)

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This gift can literally be bought and delivered within 1 minute, perfect for even the ultimate last minute panic buyer. Simply head to (or alternative subscription box provider) select the gift option and a voucher will be delivered to your inbox before you can say ‘secret santa’.

For scent addict your options are a 3 month subscription for £36, a 6 month subscription of £66 or a 1 year subscription for £120. The perfect gift for any fragrance lover without even lifting your bum off a seat- forget Christmas crowds-this one has you lazy shoppers sorted! See our previous top 3 subscription boxes blog post for some ideas!

2. Personalised Gift hamper

This one may take some additional effort to the previous idea but everyone loves a good hamper and they can be personalised to any taste- it could be a food hamper, a treat hamper, a beauty hamper, a book hamper, a drinks hamper- you name it there is a hamper for everyone! And they are easy peasy to make at home! All you need is a good gift bag/basket or any other suitable looking receptacle and fill it with interesting items wrap in film (or close up the bag) and stick on a bow and there you go- the perfect persnoalised present! For those who are particularly pushed for time-go to your local shop and fill with sweet treats!

3. A night away

hotel sign neon letters
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Another one that can be done at the click of a button-,, air b&b or any other hotel site can provide cheap and cheerful overnight stays. Pick a local city or destination within your budget, print the confirmation and there you go! If you are particularly strapped for cash over the season you have ‘pay when you arrive’ options  on many of these sites and you can simply call the hotel on the day of the guests arrival and pay the room charge so you are not out of pocket on the 25th!

4. ‘Favor’ certificates

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Another easy and non-costly gift is the gift of your time or your help. A perfect gift can be a personalised book of gift ‘favour’ vouchers. These can be hand made or printed and there are many templates available online. You offer your time or help to someone that they can ‘redeem’ at a time that suits them. Know a busy mum? Include a certificate for a free night’s babysitting or a ‘girly night in together’, Offer a friend ‘lunch on you’ and this is perfect for kids too offer them a day out at their favourite attraction, a cinema trip or a toy of their choice ‘voucher’ (spending limits can be included).

5. For the Ultimate lazy person- gift vouchers

Meal vouchers, shopping vouchers, drinks vouchers, favourite store vouchers- the list of available vouchers is endless and takes little time and effort to grab! Most establishments have available vouchers at this time of the year can be personalised to someone’s tastes also.

So do not fret just yet panic buyers, you are still not too late to bag the perfect gift!

That’s all for now

Gra Mór



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