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5 Hits- 5 Misses

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts,

Back for another review post and this one will include, for the first time, items that I did not enjoy or just did not work out. Hopefully this will give you some tips on what not to waste your money on, or if I dislike something you enjoy- no worries- let me know! And include any useful hints and tips that you use to make the product work for you, you never know this advice could totally change someone’s perspective on a product. These are my personal opinions on the products stated so grab a snack and lets have a gossip!!


1. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder £22, $23 (

Image from

Available in Illuminating, Tinted, Original or Hydrating.

I have tried both the original and the illuminating. The Original is the Hit in this section, it claims to leave a soft airbrushed finish on the skin which blurs the look of fine lines and pores. And that it does.

This powder leaves a flawless finish on the skin and I can definitely see a ‘soft-focus, airbrushed’ effect. A little goes a long way and so this small vessel has lasted me such a long time. Slight powdery finish but this is easily fixed with a spritz of setting spray. My skin looks smooth, burred and utterly perfected when I use this!

The Illuminating version however- meh! No thanks, there are little particles of glitter in the formula which is not to my taste whatsoever. It leaves little glittery speckles all over your face and in my opinion this is not a cute look! It can be used by adding a very small amount to the original version for a very slight illuminated effect but I would give this one a Miss!

2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

£8.40 on $14.95

Murumuru Butter Butter Bronzer
image from

This award winning product is a cult favourite in the beauty community and in my opinion this is for a good reason. Available in lighter and darker shades (although shade range very much needs improved) the tone of this bronzer is very flattering on my pale complexion. The formula is soft and creamy and it is not too pigmented so the caution required with some other bronzer formula’s is not essential when using this product. I love this aspect of the product in particular, it is difficult to use too much as it builds up so gently and even if the unthinkable happens and you do go overboard on application it is easy toned back down again with a little setting powder. In my opinion it is ever so slightly overpriced for a drugstore bronzer but I am willing to forgo that for my favorite formula.

The scent is BEAUTIFUL! There is not a single person who tries this bronzer, or who is sitting close by when I use it, who does not comment on the summery coconut scent. As someone with sensitive skin that can be irritated by fragrance I am pleased that the scent in this product has no impact on my skin whatsoever, or indeed no noticeable impact, but some may not like the heavily fragranced formula as I know that fragrance is a pet hate for many people.

3. Collection Lash Surge Mascara £4.99 (cannot find this available in the USA but if you find it let me know!)

If this is not available in the USA you ladies and gents need to be requesting this brand everywhere! It is the most super affordable brand that has amazing quality products and this mascara is among its best. This mascara is super lengthening and volumising and holds a lash curl beautifully.  The brush is small enough that is works well on both top and bottom lashes but large enough that it doesn’t take you 2 days to coat your lashes. This is on a par with Loreal Lash Paradise in my book which is also in my top drugstore mascara’s. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner and Super affordable.

4. Urban Decay All-Nighter Concealer £14 £20 Debenhams $29 Ulta

image from

Now, the product shade range needs work in my opinion but if you can find a shade for you then this is a wonderful concealer. Super Pigmented and easy to blend this will cover everything and leave a flawless base for your make-up. I will say it is slightly drying so moisturise that under eye before you touch it with this stuff and use a good setting spray but it is a wonderful full coverage concealer and one that does not get enough hype in mu book. Feel Unique have a great price for this at the minute!

5. Eye Blender Brush by Essence £1.36      $1.99 Ulta

image by

I kid you not- £1.36 or $1.99. This is a fantastic brush, super soft with synthetic bristles which makes it cruelty free. Perfect for blending the crease, this is one of my faves. And the price- the price! You could not beat it with a big stick! In fact this entire range of brushes are super soft and fantastic quality, perfect budget beauty tools that are sleek, stylish and very high quality that would not look out of place in any make-up bag. Highly recommend!


1. Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Concealer $9.99 Ulta or £7.99


No, no, no, no, no. This is a big miss. The shade range- oh no! The lightest shade is a deep orangey colour that I do not think would match any natural skin tone known to man. The texture is slippery and shiny and the coverage is mediocre to bad. This concealer, in my opinion and experience, slips and slides around (if you can get a half decent shade to match) covers very little and has no staying power at all (there is nothing infallible about this!). I would give this one a miss, there are hundred’s of better options at the drugstore!

2. Blaq Activated Charcoal Peel off mask £14 $29

image from

Whoever thought that sticking a substance akin to glue to your face and peeling it off was a good idea, I beg to disagree. This was a harrowing experience. This mask claims to unclog pores, remove blackheads etc etc but in my experience it feels like you are peeling off a layer of skin along with waxing some baby hairs from your face as you go. Getting this off your face is absolute agony! And if at the end of the torture session of getting it off there was a reduction on blackheads or any evidence that this product had its stated effect I would have been willing to undergo the torture for the end result but unfortunately there was no evidence of any blackhead removal, unclogging of pores or any of the claims made by this product. Never, ever again!!!

3. As stated above the Illuminating version of the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder. No, No, No. It is basically the original version with micro glitter added. See Hits No. 1 for more info.

4. Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation

£9 $12 Ulta

image from

This is more of a meh! product than a total fail. It’s okay… coverage is good but it is dry in texture and doesn’t last very well, begins to break down and look dry and a bit cakey as the day goes on. I do not like the large doe-foot applicator as I dislike putting foundation on my face that way and feel that it is unhygienic, a pump would be far better in terms of packaging. I can get this to work by adding a few drops of the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops (one of my faves!) which creates a better texture and staying par and fixes the dryness of the formula and breakdown throughout the day. But it is still way off the top of my list and I would most likely not bother to buy this again in future.

5. Physicians Formula Healthy Skin Foundation

$12.99 Ulta from £16.40 on Ebay

image from

While this product has SPF 20 which is good and I am all in favor of an SPF containing foundation, overall this product is a no from me. It has the same type of doe foot applicator as above which I do not like and feel is unhygienic- give me a pump make up companies!! The formula has little coverage and slips and slides everywhere, there is little to no staying power even when set. If you like low coverage then this may be something that you like but it is more like a BB cream and does feel moisturising. But, that is what a moisturiser is for and is not something that is essential for me in a foundation. The coverage and staying power is just not there and while I am a fan of the brand this product will not be re-appearing in my make-up bag.

So, there we have it! 5 hits and 5 misses from my very own make up bag (and some that have already made it to the rubbish heap). Let me know your thoughts on all these products and any of your own hits and misses.

Thta’s all for now.

Grá Mór








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