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January 2019 Birchbox Review

Happy New Year fellow beauty enthusiasts! 

I hope you had a beautiful, peaceful Holiday period. But, as January hits we much get back to normal after a wonderful break. So, here I am with another review. This month I will be sharing with you what I received in my January 2019 Birchbox and giving my first impressions on its contents.

I received my January Birchbox on 11th, which is relatively quick given the holiday backlog of post which I have been experiencing. First impressions of the box itself, the design was eye catching, fun and a positive start to the New Year of subscription. Here is a rundown and first impressions of its contents:-


1- Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – 250ml

When i see Shampoo included I give an err… reaction particularly if there is not accompanying Conditioner. I do not have a flaky or itchy salp which my beauty profile should have indicated. Very small sample which one use would see the end of- definitely not 250ml. Not great. But plenty of time to wow! me yet Birchbox!

2.  AfterSpa Facial Scrubber

image from


Again, erm.. response. OK so who does not enjoy a good skincare product.  This product could be useful (or could lay in a drawer taking up space). I am happy enough with this product, I do enjoy skincare and every face could do with the occasional exfoliation session, so fair enough Birchbox this may come in handy during travel or as a shower accessory but I could definitely live without it. Not yet wowed but satisfied enough so far with the contents.

3. Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin™ Purifying Pink Clay Mask 58ml

image from

Now we’re talking! I have been super intrigued with this product since I first seen it on a beauty website and have heard nothing but good things about it and the brand itself. Nice one Birchbox! Something I genuinely wanted to try, in a decent sized sample tube. Sufficiently wowed! by the inclusion of this product alone. I love skincare (as previously stated) and enjoy masking. This one has broad appeal to a large group of people, I think most would be happy with this product. 

4. CLĒ Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion

image from

Good inclusion! Beautiful product from a first look. Sleek design and packaging, full sized product and beautiful glowing liquid highlighter from a quick swatch. I have personally never heard of Clè Cosmetics but I do enjoy the inclusion of a lesser known brand- introduction to a new possible fave! Another hit for Box 1 of 2019.


5. Dr. Botanicals Cleansing Bar

image from

Another nice, full sized product. This is a 98% natural face and body soap- a staple I suppose in every house- which claims to cleanse, exfoliate and ‘restore your natural glow’. I am intrigued to see how effective and gentle this product is on someone with sensitive, angry skin which flares up easily. Good product inclusion and another lesser known brand- totally known to myself.

6. BONUS ITEM– Birchbox Hair Ties x2

image from

Always nice to get a bonus item for free! Hair ties are always useful- everyone has a long haired friend who is always looking for a hair tie! Or Also useful to tie the plastic sheeting on Home-made hampers to keep the top together- a personal use that I get out of hair ties. Nice handy wee bonus item that I ma sure everyone could find a use ( or a home) for!

Final Thoughts:

I am overall very impressed with the contents of the first Birchbox of 2019- a refreshing box for the beginning of the year full of fresh, cleansing and exfoliating goodness. The inclusion of the liquid highlighter and Mask alone are enough to make me satisfactorily pleased. This month was a god box, so a good start to 2019 for Birchbox- let’s hope Box 2 keeps that trend going. 

Wishing you all a joyful, glowing 2019!




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