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My Holiday Beauty Faves- Reviews

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts,

As an unashamed make up, skincare and all around beauty lover and hoarder it is unsurprising that my stocking filled up rather quickly with beauty related items on December 25th.

From palettes to setting sprays to face masks and cleansers my nearest and dearest adorned me with their best beauty gifts and recommendations. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who clearly know me well enough to scour the beauty aisles without question knowing that anything beauty related would bring a smile to my face!

So, I have dutifully put together a review of these wonderful gifts, self purchases and my favourite beauty related items of the season. (On this post alone I will not include the price of items as I do not want to disrespect those who may have gifted me items by checking the price, apologies!)

1. Violet Voss Hastag Palette

(Yes my Palette’s, although new, are quite beat up- I have been using them non-stop everywhere I go! And my nail slipped into Vacay *tear*  )

I die-hard adore this palette! I had it in my cart for quite some time but had just not bit the bullet and purchased when my sister (ever knowing my desires) produced this on my birthday, which is also over the holiday period. These are beautiful colours, rich in pigment, smooth in application and there are an endless number of looks in this one palette alone! Nice number of transitions for every look- cool tone, warm tone etc. and the ever important cream shade for setting and black shade for depth. Both Matte and Shimmer shades included and both have good pigmentation and a creamy texture. The only shade I wish they included is a deeper brown shade for the perfect completion of a brown smokey eye, but as the majority of my other palette’s include this shade it is not the end of the world. This is very much a hit product in my opinion!

2. Revolution Pro-Fix Amazing Make-Up Setting spray


Does the job it is supposed to and sets make-up nicely. Mister is good (very important to me in a setting spray to have a nice continuous mist that does not leave large droplets all over my face!). No nasty scent and as its revolution a very affordable setting product. Another affordable hit!

3. P.S Sultry False Eyelashes (Primark/Penny’s)


My very, very favourite affordable eyelashes that never let me down! These are fluffy, and as the name suggests, sultry false eyelashes that beautifully frame the eyes. At £1 in Primark you simply cannot go wrong with these lashes. The glue included is merely Okay and I do use my own preferred Duo lash glue to apply. They are long enough that they will fit even the most long and feline eye shape and can easily be trimmed to suit any eye shape. I usually trim about 3 sections of lash off the ends to fit my eye shape. Beautiful for any occasion.

4. Juvia’s Place The Saharan II


This was my first toe dip into Juvia’s Place eye shadows and I will tell you the rave reviews are not wrong. These tones and colours are simply stunning! The texture is creamy and application flawless and the pigmentation is insane! This palette features HUGE pans with a very large amount of product. Love this palette!

5. Revolution Pro Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Pack


Absolutely stunning pressed glitter. These come individually so ideal if you have an empty magnetic palette or space in your existing magnetic palette. Not the easiest to work with- best applied with glitter glue and a finger but once the application has been mastered these pressed glitters are beautiful on the eye. As you can see, I used the Green for a festive eye look and I received nothing but compliments the entire night! Stunning sparkle, opaque colour with finger application (very patchy with a brush) and a very affordable product. These will product show stopping looks!

So, that’s a run down of 5 of my favourites, it would be impossible to include them all in one post but look out for many up and coming reviews of products that I have been enjoying. 

Gra Mór




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