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The Drugstore Vs High End skincare debate HELP!

Hello again beauty enthusiasts,

Today is much of a rant piece and indeed a request for recommendations. 

As a beauty lover I have tried all varieties of skincare products creams, serums, moisturisers, facial sprays, wipes and lotions and potions of all types both high end and drugstore. While I have found a few ‘Holy Grails’ in there I still struggle to find products that really work and make a noticeable difference to my skin.

I am a firm believer that a high price does not equal high quality and this has been reinforced to me time and time again as I have found no obvious benefit to many of the high end, high price products that have intrigued me enough to spend my hard earned money.

But, what is the most difficult and frustrating thing that I encounter is the never ending search for something that works and the disappointment that frequently comes along with this search. 

Many products I have tried appear to work for a while and then I am back to butts with my skin hang-ups or indeed some products are perfect for a certain time of the year, or time of the month, and are ineffective during other times. Our skin changes, sometimes daily, with seasons, with hormones etc. etc. and I find this so frustrating in finding skincare products.

I am calling on you, my beauty fam, to leave me suggestions of products that really work! And in return I am including a list of my top favourites. I have combination skin which is sensitive and very angsty- easily irritated- with redness and hormonal acne in places (usually my chin). My skin is dull and I am searching for a brightening product that really makes a difference, winter is my skin’s nemesis and I am struggling at present to get things under control.  

My overall favourite product is The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Seed Oil. A very affordable product with many noticeable skin benefits including hydration, acne treatment and brightening. At present, this alone is not cutting it, hence my call to action!

The Ordinary


I do enjoy Clinque’s Moisture Surge which is a gel like formula and provides great hydration but again my winter skin is managing to peek through in dryness that shows as the day goes on. It does a good job but not a great job!


Mask-wise I find it hard to fault the Loreal Clay masks as such affordable products that do give results but these are great for impurities and do not do much for dryness. I need a good hydrating mask to incorporate into my routine and ventures into these with brands such as No.7 and Garnier have given mixed results. loreal-paris-pure-clay-multi-masking-play-kit-3x10ml-736573 (1)

I am currently using the Loreal Hydra Genius for Dry and Sensitive skin and this is definitely not cutting it. This is a good daily moisturizer but is very thin and watery and is not giving me the level of hydration required for these dark winter months, particularly as a night time moisturizer. This product has caused some mild irritation and tingling even though it is formulated for sensitive skin so that has also put me off this product.11740134-8724593914129133

In turn, I am stuck in my skincare routine with no idea what new products to try to get me out of the never ending cycle of dissatisfaction. I need your help!

Gra Mór




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