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Noom Weightloss App- Let’s Talk

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts,

Apologies, this is a bit of another rant post but also something that may help others in the future who are tempted to download and use this app.

I saw this ‘Weight-Loss’ App advertised on social media and as someone who is always trying to lose weight, and to find helpful tips and tricks to do so, I was intrigued. I downloaded the app and decided to go for the 14 day free trial to see if it suited me and actually provided a benefit. 

As my trial commenced, the app told me that following the free trial the price of a subscription was in and around $14 per week. I found I was using the app and decided that I might give it another week or two after the free trial to see how it goes. BIG MISTAKE.

All prices and quotes showed a weekly amount so I felt it was appropriate to try for a couple of weeks and if I was not happy I would just cancel my subscription, as with any subscription company. This is not how this App works, please beware. They give you all the quotes in weekly amounts but as soon as your free trial is almost up charge your card or Paypal account for 8 months, Yes, 8 MONTHS! of the subscription, a substantial amount of money.

At no point prior to this amount being taken from my account was I ever informed of this and did not agree to this sum being taken.

I IMMEDIATELY contacted the company. It is January and funds are running low as it is and this debit was leaving me short for many of my bills. The Customer Service was horrendous. I was told that I would have been sent a ‘Noom Receipt’ prior to the debit of my account which detailed the amount and subscription length- I never received such a thing and as stated all correspondence was quoted as a weekly subscription rate. Yes I was perhaps foolish for not doing thorough investigation prior to downloading but I made the same assumptions that any average consumer would make. I will not make that mistake again.

The ‘Customer Service Team’ then informed me that they would not be providing a refund as their refund policy ‘prevents’ them from doing so and that my subscription would end in SEPTEMBER and I could not cancel prior to this. Entirely unethical and unacceptable business practices.

I will admit, I was scammed by this company, and this pains me to say as a usually savvy consumer. But, upon research it appears that I am not alone and their are THOUSANDS of fellow consumers out there who have been left in the same position with an 8 month subscription being debited before the free trial even runs out and the refusal of the company to refund.

They chose the wrong lady to scam I am pleased to say and I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate position to follow suit and undertake the steps below to not only highlight the issue but to ensure that you receive your refund.

I immediately sent an email to Trading Standards in the UK and Ireland, left many reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, Twitter etc and submitted a compliant to the Better Business Bureau in the US- New York to be specific.

Now, the app itself is OK however does nothing better for Weight loss than many free app’s do such as My Fitness Pal, Samsung Health (or your phone provider’s Health App) so there is no justification for the cost in my book and the business practices of the company are shady as. Admittedly, I should have done more research and will be robustly researching in future as I would highly recommend you all do. 

I (thankfully) received an email this morning stating that that Customer Service Adviser had spoken to their manager and I would be granted a refund ‘as an exception’ (no doubt due to my complaints to BBB, Trading Standards etc). I would encourage anyone who is having similar issues with any company to get in contact with the proper authorities at the earliest opportunity, this will not only help yourself but will help prevent others from ending up in the same situation.

Beware of companies who are advertising on social media and do not be a dumb dumb like me and always do your research! This review is based entirely on my own opinion and experience with this company.

That’s all for now.

Grá Mór




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