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5 of the Best Most Affordable Products of All Time including looks- Speedy Read

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts,

Today is another Speedy Read and a run down of my best most affordable beauty products of all time. These are the things that really work and cost buttons to purchase. If that is something that gets your beauty juices flowing- without further ado, let’s get into it. In no particular order-

  1. The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil The OrdinaryI won’t go on and on as I have a full review on this- great product less than £10!




2. Primark ‘Sultry’ eyelashes



At £1 a pair I will be bowled over if anyone manages to find cheaper lashes with the same quality. These are fluffy, comfortable and perfect for any eye shape. Beauty on a budget at its best!

3. Essence Make me brow gel mascara $2.99 £2.50


Eyebrow Gel will tiny fibers for added volume. This budget item does a perfect job of setting the brows and giving a slight umph of added volume! No expense needed this does the job just fine.

4. Revolution Beauty Pressed Glitter refill pans £6


£6 for 5 shades of glitter (4 of my favourites included in the photo and other shades available) perfect for addition to any magnetic palette. These are very fine glitter particles in simply stunning colours to be used with a glitter glue. See below a look I created over the weekend using the top right shade pressed over glitter glu with my finger with the black and transition from my Violet Voss Hastag Palette and Revolution black eyeliner. There is some fallout from the glitter so better to create the eye look before foundation application. Also wearing the P.S Lashes from above but looking down so they are not shown at their greatest.

Smidu Beauty

5. Wet’N Wild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks £3.99 $3.99

image from

Budget Friendly Liquid lipsticks that are high quality and comfortable are very hard to come by but I have been pleasantly surprised by the formula of these Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks. They are opaque in colour, long lasting and very comfortable to wear, as someone with very dry lips this is very rare for me! There are many many shades available so something for everyone in this range including matte and metallic finishes.

That’s our 5 folks!

Grá Mór




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